Monday, 7 November 2016

Out and about in Yorkshire

Being born and bred in Yorkshire, I am very proud of my home county. It's a fantastic place to live, with its beautiful beaches and countryside as well as great cities, bustling towns and quiet villages. We even have our own Yorkshire Day! August 1st is a day to celebrate all things Yorkshire at any of the many events across the county.

Bridlington Harbour (May 2016)
Over the years I have visited most areas of Yorkshire. As a child I went on day trips to the coast with my mum, dad and brothers, Bridlington being a favourite place to head for. 

Scarborough (Aug 2015)
I remember visiting Scarborough as a teenager with several of my friends on a free coach trip organised by a local working men's club. Also in my teens, I was fortunate to have a couple of week long holidays in Whitby and another based at Flamborough, each organised by church youth groups. Not only were they great holidays but they gave me the opportunity to mix and live with groups of young people from differing backgrounds. I only have two photos from these visits which are group shots that could have been taken anywhere. I wish that I had more photos as reminders of these happy times at the seaside. Luckily I am still able to visit these places and seeing familiar sights often brings back fond memories from past years. 
Scarborough beach (Aug 2015)

Once married with my own children, I continued the tradition of holidaying on the east coast, though this time in a tent! Only recently I was reminiscing with my husband about the camping meals we used to cook on our two ring camping stove - the height of luxury then as it included a grill! Since then we moved onto holidaying in an old motor home and more recently a caravan. 

Sunset over Rydale (Oct 2016)
Two years ago we decided to site our touring caravan on a seasonal pitch in North Yorkshire. Having a home from home just two hours away is fantastic and we are now able to regularly fit in a three night stay in our caravan around family commitments. There are so many places of interest within an hour of our caravan site that we are never short of somewhere to visit and photograph. Having taken hundreds of photos with my new(ish) camera, I am planning on spending time over winter, whilst our caravan is in winter storage, sharing some of my best and more interesting photos of North Yorkshire on here. I'm just not sure of the best way to do this yet!