Thursday, 12 May 2016


I am amazed at how many of our family and friends have celebrated birthdays in the last five/six weeks. I am even more amazed at how many of these have been significant ones this year. 

18th Birthday cakes

One of my grandsons celebrated his 18th birthday at the end of March and his mum, my extremely talented daughter, made him a great birthday cake which was a copy of his old Landrover. Although she has made many cakes over the years, including her own wedding cake, I don't think any of her previous ones have incorporated lights that switched on and off using a remote controller. Thanks to her clever husband, this one did!

18th Birthday Cake - Landrover

18th Birthday Cake - Dr Who's Tardis

Only a few days later, the duo then produced a Tardis cake for their niece's 18th birthday, where the light on the top of the police box also lit up.  

70th birthday surprise

World Championship Snooker - Interviews in the Winter Gardens
Last week we helped one of our friends celebrate his 70th birthday. His surprise birthday present from his family was tickets to the World Snooker Championship, which is held at the Crucible here in Sheffield. Having dropped them off at the Crucible we returned home to closely scrutinise the coverage on the TV, hoping to see them in the audience. Amazingly we did manage to pick them out during the introduction to the evening session and as I had recorded it we were able to later replay it for them. Three generations experiencing 15 seconds (not minutes) of fame together!  By taking a photo of the screen I was really pleased to be able to provide them with a permanent record  of this they can look back on in the future. As I do not include photos of friends on this blog, I've had to settle for including a photo of Steve Davis and the TV crew that I managed to take that day in Sheffield Winter Gardens. 


So it's been a busy few weeks celebrating family and friends birthdays but amazingly there have also been three births too. Two girls and a boy have been born in the last month. It's such an exciting time for all the grandparents and it brings back happy memories of the arrival of our own grandchildren. It has been lovely to shop for baby clothes again but it does seem a little surreal though, to think that several of our close friends, who are our age, have been celebrating the birth of grandchildren whilst we have been celebrating two of our grandchildren becoming adults. 

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